About Glamour Clinic

Hair Transplant, Laser and Skin care Clinic

At Glamour Clinic we believe in “Success is Within yourself”.

We are running with “Believe in yourself, get back the Confidence, Happiness of every indivisual, motto."

  • The clinic having accomplished team of Experts with vast experience in the field, a team of professional staff, state of the art fully equipped procedure, machines.
  • Glamour Clinic, the health, safety, and experience employees is our top priority.
  • Our Vision is committed to delivering the highest quality of Beauty & health services which include prevention, promotion, Happiness of every Customer.
  • The Clinic offer you the best exclusive services under one roof.
  • The services offered at Glamour clinic involves Hair Transplant, PRP, Full Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal, Anti Ageing, Botox, Fillers, Skin Whitening, Laser Skin Whitening with PICO Laser Technology, Skin Lightening, Body Polish, Skin Resurfacer peels, B B Glow Treatment, Permanent make-up, Derma Roller-Scalp, Meso Therapy.
  • We have Best skin specialist, Cosmotologist, and Best Hair Transplant Team in Derhadun.
Enhancing Your Looks

We’re Committed To Provide Best Hair, Skin and Laser Services.

One of the main areas that We work on with our clients is shedding these non-supportive beliefs and replacing them with beliefs that will help them to accomplish their desires.

Why choose people like Glamour

Our Equipped Team Is Able To Support You!

Cosmotologist & Trichologist

Dr. Deepak Chauhan

+(91) 84455-77034
Dr. Sanjeeev Rana
Cosmotologist & trichologist

Dr.Sanjeev Rana

+(91) 84455-77024
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