With the advancement of hair transplant procedures over time today the procedure is not painful at all. During the surgery local anaesthesia is administered to ensure painless experience. For the next two weeks when the surgery heals we take the help of antibiotics and painkillers to facilitate fast and comfortable recovery.

The level of growth of hair can differ widely from person to person which is why It may take 3-4 months for the transplanted hair to start growing and continue to grow upto 12-14 months from the day of surgery. Your natural hair continue to grow normally.

Hair fall in men is inevitable and can only be controlled to some extent and cannot be stopped. The shedding usually start from the top of the scalp or crown and the hair from sides and back of the head remain immune to the shedding or hair fall. So when grafts from the back and sides of the head are used for a hair transplant, they tend to be permanent in nature and do not shed.

A hair transplant procedure is usually a single day process and the patient can go home by the end of the day. A total of 4000 grafts can be done in a single session and if the hair loss is extensive and 5000 or 6000 grafts are required to fill the baldness then the procedure may extend over two consecutive days or separated by 5-6 months.

When glutathione injections with tablets are administered over at least 6 months, notable difference in skin in the form of striking glow is noted. It also helps in making skin color appear 1-2 shades lighter. Since they are a mix of highly concentrated antioxidants they help improve the skin appearance naturally.

Any procedure that requires you to make changes to your skin needs to have a proper regimen of aftercare and aggressive sun protection. So from peels to lasers, down time after a procedure increases and the results also improve drastically. So a patient choice needs to be made of what suits you and your lifestyle the most.

Depending on the severity or visibility of dark spots on the skin and the comfort with the downtime associated with procedures, there are various options ranging from topical creams to resurfacing procedures that can help get rid of darkened skin and uncover clear flawless skin.

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