Hair Transplantation

Most Advnaced FUE Technique

Hair transplant is the process of removing grafts from one part of body and implanting them wherever that it is required. Hair loss is usually observed on top of scalp in various patterns and the hair on back and sides of the scalp are immune to shedding due to genetic hair loss. So the hair from the sides and back of the head can be extracted and implanted where it is required. These hairs continue to grow like normal hair and can be cut, colored or styled as required.

Our hair transplant technique takes into account various aspects of extensive meticulous planning, arrangement, and constant feedback throughout the procedure.

Our hair transplantation mechanism generates superior results by:

  • Reducing trauma tendencies
  • Diminishing handling instances
  • Increasing survival rate of grafts
  • Reducing the risks of toxicity
  • Minimise scarring
  • Promote hair growth
  • Minimising bleeding
  • Reducing the risks of toxicity

Providing Revolutionary Hair Loss Treatment

We operate under the supervision and guidance of renowned hair restoration specialists, our highly trusted physicians, and hair care consultants. Theythoroughly understand the disturbing impact, which a condition of acute hair loss has, on the patients.

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